Surveys and Revaluations

Surveys and Revaluations

Surveys are a tool used to examine the “current state” preceding the insurance of businesses, flats and contractor projects.  The study allows documentation of the current state and determination of appropriate insurance amounts, recommendation of suitable protections and it is of high significance for the policyholder and for the insurer relatively.

Among other things, our company executes:

Risk Surveys, which document the current state of the business and its surrounding area and examine the business’s exposure to existing/future risks.

Examination of environmental risks

Identification of risks to structures, to their content, to the stationary equipment and to inventories stored at the business.

Risk Surveys

Risk Surveys and underwriting information for contractor projects in the field of construction, engineering and infrastructures which constitute as the basis for the project’s insurance, both on the project valuation aspect and on the aspect of risks bound to its execution, while taking into consideration its location.  The study includes examination of the selected work areas, providing a comprehensive picture of the project’s value, including the potential risks it might be exposed to, or adjacent risk factors.

Study of adjacent structures and adjacent infrastructures

Our examiner staff will examine and document adjacent structures, their durability, level of maintenance and their intactness, providing a full ‘current state’ view prior to the project’s commencement, in case of any claims that might rise from third parties, claiming any damage caused as a result of works executed at the site.

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