Real Estate Appraisal

Our company provides real estate appraisal services through certified real estate appraisers who are certified to deal in real estate appraisal.  All of our real estate appraisers passed the Appraisers Committee’s exams with success and have completed their internship.

A real estate appraiser evaluates the value of assets and lands.  The real estate appraiser’s job is to evaluate the value of a property mainly involved in real estate investments and in the sale or purchase of an apartment.

The professional involvement of a real estate appraiser is expressed in different forms:

Real Estate Investments

Real estate investment is one of the most rewarding yet risky initiatives in Israel.  Professional appraiser and valuation experts can assist in one’s strategic decision making and can help investors to act with extra precaution in this field.  Your own valuation of the property is another level of inspection of an investment prior to a decision to purchase or to sell.

Determining the True Value of a Property

A real estate appraiser’s valuation determines a property’s market value.  The market value is an opinion or an evaluation regarding the value of a specific asset as of a specific date.

The real estate appraiser produces essential reports in businesses, in government agencies, private individuals, insurance companies, entrepreneurs, investors and mortgage agencies

Saving on Real Estate Taxes

Currently, there is high significance to the applied tax imposed on every real estate transaction.

Whether if for commercial or residential assets, professional and certified appraisers aid in the evaluation and proper calculation of the applied tax amount.

Strategy and Setting Realistic Goals

A professional real estate appraiser has a central position in making strategic decisions in real estate investments.  Clients are aided by appraisers with vast knowledge and expertise in making rational decisions to protect their assets, helping them in receiving maximal return on their investment.

Hiring a real estate appraiser is an excellent way to receive an objective, fair opinion regarding a commercial asset.  This will assure you that you are not paying more than what the property is worth.

Proper Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage for your real estate assets is part of your list of priorities as investors and as property owners in the market.

Most commercial insurance companies might demand a comprehensive, updated appraisal report to ensure its coverage of the property. 

Property Distribution

When required to settle, distribute or destroy an asset, professional real estate appraisers provide impartial evaluation of the asset’s market value, facilitating a solution and leading to resolution of disputes.  This also helps the management of estate settlements, property distribution claims, foreclosures and more.

Property Improvement

Professional appraisers are proficient in determining which parts of the asset might significantly increase its value by upgrading and improving.

The four main types of real estate

Real estate includes four different categories of assets: residential, commercial, industrial and lands.


Residential real estate includes new construction and home sale.  You are probably familiar with residential real estate as residential apartments and detached houses.

This category also includes condominium complexes, municipal houses, duplexes and summer cottages.


Commercial real estate includes mainly commercial places.  This category includes shopping centers, malls, hospitals, colleges, hotels and offices.  Condominiums that are intended for rent are usually considered as commercial, as they produce income to their owners.


Industrial real estate includes the construction of structures and warehouses that are used for research, manufacture, storage and distribution.


Land real estate means vacant land – as undeveloped land and land intended for the construction of different structures, condominiums, industrial, commercial, hotel structures etc.

The value of the land derives from the intended use according to the town plans.

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