Damage Evaluation

The elementary field includes a wide range of damages, including fire, water, contractor works, storm and tempest and burglary and theft damages, product liability and professional liability, profit loss, mechanical breakdown insurance etc.

The field of damage evaluation is highly complex and requires great experience.  The appraiser must have in-depth understanding in various fields and must be capable of executing a quick, precise and credible analysis of the event and the findings he or she managed to collect during the examination and of summarizing them into a professional, credible, detailed and impartial comprehensive opinion in a quick and efficient manner.

Our office executes damage evaluations for all the accepted property insurances in the elementary branch, starting from damages during contractor projects and during setup, through industrial factories, business/offices, merchandise and inventory, including transit and refrigeration, and all the way to electro-mechanic systems (mechanical breakdown), consequential loss and loss of profit etc.

Our post-damage appraisal works include, inter alia:

Identification and investigation

Thorough examination for a comprehensive identification of the causes of failure and the means responsible for the incident by recruiting a team of experts, such as fire investigators and information system experts, by analysis of closed-circuit television videos, leak detection equipment, private investigators etc.

Recommendations for immediate actions to prevent further damage

Analysis of the failure factor findings and providing recommendations for care/repair.

Execution of initial actions to repair the damaged property back to its prior state.

Property damage evaluation

Preparation of engineering specification and pricing through consultation with experts of rehabilitation, engineers and other professionals in the field.

Locating professional contractors that are suitable for each rehabilitation work, according to the type of damage.

Chattel damage evaluation

Preparation of a thorough registration and documentation of damaged items, valuation, valuation of salvage etc.

Upon completion of examination

Providing a summarizing, consolidated opinion.

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