Advantages of our office

International recognition

Our office was chosen to be the exclusive representative in Israel of the appraiser company Advanta Global Services. The partnership gives our firm international recognition from the world's leading reinsurers and brokers

Court expert

The recognition of the court in our office as a court expert, testifies to the great trust of the justice system in the State of Israel in the professional ability, integrity, and fairness of our office's experts.

The office staff is professional

Our professional team was carefully selected and trained to provide efficient, reliable and professional service to each insured and each client.

Location in a leading business center

Our office is located in the BBC complex located in the heart of the leading business centers in Israel, near the diamond exchange in Ramat Gan, Ramat Hay'il, and Atidim complex.

among our clients

The extensive knowledge and experience accumulated over the years has led our office to be selected and work with the leading insurance companies in the economy and also with brokers and reinsurers, private and public companies in Israel and around the world

Ronen Polat, owner and CEO

Property and agriculture appraiser, fire and flood damage restoration specialist, real estate appraiser, marine and air appraiser (cargo), bachelor's degree in economics and business administration, member of the Appraisers Association

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